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Percale is a name given to woven cloth (usually used for bed linen) that is at least or over 200 Thread-count. “Percale” likely comes from the Persian word “pargalah,” meaning “rag.

Percale sheets are plain in weave and characterized by a matte finish and crisp hand. Percale sheets are a bedroom are essential, especially during the hot summer months. Our cotton percale linens are light and yet incredibly soft. 100% Cotton Percale fabric is lighter in weight and more breathable making it perfect for summertime or warmer climates.

To reduce wrinkles, manufacturers of percale sheets may add a percentage of a wrinkle-resistant fibre, such as polyester or silk, to improve the quality of the sheet.

Wash percale sheets in warm water with a mild soap or according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid using bleach, (rather use Lemon Juice) which may weaken fibres and reduce there life span.

Separate the sheets from other clothing items that may damage them during the washing and drying cycles, including anything with zippers or hooks.

To reduce wrinkling, tumble dry, remove, and fold the sheets.  You may iron percale sheets if you wish.

Thread-count shows the number of threads in a square inch of cloth. Thread-counts when related to bed linen can range from 120 to over 1,000. For example a standard men's work shirt would be made using cotton with a thread-count of around 220.

It's impossible to answer this definitively as it can vary from person to person. The other problem is you can have 5 pieces of cloth all marked 200 Thread-count which feel completely different depending on the size of the yarn used to weave them, the quality of the yarn, the finish etc etc.

The best way to answer this is to assume good yarn is used and the cloth is singed, mercerized and finished to a good whiteness, the bed linen is then hemmed nicely and cut with generous sizing. If this is true a 200 Thread-count is totally acceptable and can and is used in 5 star hotels around the world.

If you then go up to a 300 or 400 Thread-count you get a softer hand-feel and if the correct construction is used a lovely "drape" to the cloth. The maximum thread-count worth considering would be a 600T, this is extremely dense cloth because so many threads are packed into a small space. 600 Thread-count would become very difficult to wash and dry and iron, it would also be very warm to sleep under as it is just not letting air through. Any higher than 600T and the fabric is just so thick you shouldn't be using it for bed linen. Above 600T and the cloth becomes impossible to launder and dry, the bed linen is impossible to iron and the cloth is so thick it is uncomfortable to sleep under.

Typically well finished cotton will shrink around 3-4% after the first wash and then never again. We build shrinkage in to the measurements of our sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases so that once washed they will be the size required to fit perfectly.

Polyester is an oil based product and when woven into yarn it has a far greater degree of elasticity than cotton yarn. This helps to prevent creasing after washing. The polyester yarn helps hold the bed linen in shape and doesn't shrink. The problem is, it can be quite uncomfortable to sleep under and hot in the summer. The truth is, if a high quality cotton yarn is used and the finish is done properly, 100% Cotton bed linen shouldn't crease that badly and any creases should fall out after a few hours use.

Fitted sheets are measured by the length, width and most importantly depth of your mattress.  Depth varies between 20 to 45 cm and is a vital measurement of the correct fitted sheet.

Yes, we can. Please email or call us with your bedding dimensions, and we will provide you with cost and timing estimates. Please note that in this case providing correct measurements is your responsibility, and we will make linens based on dimensions provided by you.

Should you require anything which is not listed with our products, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly provide you with a quotation. Hospitality and Home are local wholesale stockists and suppliers to the Hospitality Industry along the Garden Route of Linen, Blankets, Towels, Duvets, Pillows, Mattress/Pillow Protectors, Bathrobes, Slippers, Restaurant Linen, Guest Amenities and a whole lot more.

If we have not covered your question, please feel free to contact us with your question or questions.