Duvet Inners

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Our range of Duvet Inners, available in a selection of premium materials to suit your preferences, they come in hollow fibre, Micro Fibre, and our Exclusive Fine Fibre 5 Star Hotel Range


Our range of Duvet Inners, available in a selection of premium materials to suit your preferences:

  1. Hollow Fibre: Experience the tried-and-true comfort of Hollow Fibre duvets, a popular choice renowned for their cozy appeal. Choose from various filler weights, ranging from 200gsm to 300gsm, all encased in a durable polycotton casing. Hollow Fibre Filling is non-allergenic, ensuring long-lasting, lightweight softness, uniform insulation, and excellent shape retention.
  2. Micro Fibre: Embrace the latest in bedding technology with our luxurious Silky Soft Duvet, featuring unique contour quilting designed to cradle your body for unparalleled comfort. Microfibre Inners not only provide superior comfort but also serve as an ideal Down alternative. Crafted with a 100% Cotton or Down Proof outer layer, they offer support and softness without the risk of allergies. Made from synthetic fibres that mimic the feel and performance of down, these duvets provide warmth without the weight.
  3. Exclusive Fine Fibre 5 Star Hotel Range:* Elevate your sleeping experience with our exclusive 5-star Hotel Range, featuring Siliconised Microfibre filling developed in Europe. These duvets are not only washable but also anti-allergenic, making them suitable for individuals who suffer from house dust mite allergies. Experience the epitome of luxury and comfort with our premium hotel-quality duvets.

Choose the  Inner that suits your preferences and enjoy a restful night’s sleep with the perfect blend of comfort and quality.

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Single, 3/4, Double, Queen, King, King X, King XL

Wash Care

Machine washable at 40 degrees..
Our recommended amount of washing is once a week for your pillowcases, and your bed sheets and duvet cover.
Use a mild detergent or washing powder.
Instead of using bleach, add ¼ cup of lemon juice to the wash cycle to brighten whites.
Don’t overload your washing machine, as sheets need room to circulate to get clean.
When drying your linens, refer to your washing instructions on each item.

Duvet Inner

300g Poly Cotton Outer – Fibre Puff Balls, Brushed Microfibre Outer Boxed – Microfibre Fill, Fine fibre Deluxe – Siliconised Microfibre Fill